Time for Authenticity

Marvin is back with a vengeance. Its new original collections include mechanical and quartz movements for both men and women. Each piece represents authentic Marvin creativity at its best.

Design with Character

Marvin’s subtle signature features have adorned each watch since day one. The inverted “M” three-pointed crest engraved on the crown and the clasp. The founders’ emblem inside the dial. The red French leather lining the straps. And of course, the unique “red detail” on the 8-o’clock position cherished by Marvin owners throughout the world.

Unequivocal Quality

In true traditional Swiss watch-making fashion, quality is in the Marvin genes. Compromise is not an option. Whether mechanical or quartz, each timepiece is individually manufactured in select Swiss-based and certified ébauches and carefully monitored and tracked through a sophisticated quality assurance pipeline all the way to delivery and final preparation for customer shipping.