Illustrious past, consistent vision

Brothers Marc and Emmanuel Didisheim create their watch-making company in 1850 and base it in St-Imier, in the Jura section of 

Switzerland. The company experiences quick and significant growth based on product quality and extensive distribution networks. 

In the early 20th century, the company takes up the name “Marvin”, honoring its largest American partner.  It also establishes the 

three-pointed crown as its corporate logo symbolizing both the inverted “M” of Marvin and the “W” of watch. 

After taking the USA by storm, Marvin takes top billing among Swiss watch brands in over sixty countries worldwide. Over time, 

millions of watches are produced including several well known collector classics.

Marvin components were considered so reliable, that even other brands licensed them internally. Movie stars, politicians and racing 

legends all wore Marvin watches at one point in time.  And Marvin also produced official corporate pieces for Air France, KLM, 

Ferrari, Mercedes, Jaguar, MG, Chevrolet and Rover. 

Over time, four generations of Didisheims have taken the helm at Marvin, succeeding one another. And while Marvin has always 

embraced change, the same vision of authenticity, originality, detail, and quality has driven the company and its people for over 

160 years until today. 

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