Winning Attitude

Some 7 million watches produced in 120 years gives an average of 58,000 watches sold each year. To these figures is added the movements developed by Marvin for different watchmaking brands, such as zenith, tiffany or Tourneau. To reach this result, Marvin created, developed and coordinated a network of distributors around the world. A brief outline…

1893, Chicago Universal Exhibition … the year the Marvin brand was registered…Hyppolite Didisheim, Marc's son, went to Chicago to present the Marvin range. Taking advantage of the boom in the American market, he decided to stay in New York, created a subsidiary and opened a boutique on Nassau Street. Aided by his brother Bernard, he sold movements and Marvin watches, sometimes personalized with the name of their clients, and bracelet-watches, the rapid development of which had been underestimated by the American watchmaking industry. Charles attempted a horological adventure in Algiers.

Marvin developed its world distribution network with the establishment of subsidiaries and exclusive or multi-brand representatives.The American dream epic continued until the end of the 30s, when the brand was entrusted to national distributors.

Venezuela, Colombia, Chili, Peru… the brand effectively covered the South-American continent.In Europe, Marvin opened purchasing offices in Yugoslavia, Poland and Hungary, created a subsidiary in England and teamed up with Uhren Weiss in Germany, an exclusive representative of the brand with a network of 50 boutiques. In Switzerland, a trade agreement was signed between Marvin and the federation of retail watchmakers. Asia and China in particular, opened their doors.

Confident in the quality and reliability of its movements, Marvin took advantage of the Swiss watchmaking boom and launched other brands, such as Election, Lancet and Prima.The Second World War signaled a halt in the brand's expansion. During this period, china and South America were the brand's main clients.

The new world organisation saw the closure of the Eastern European markets under the yoke of Communism; the brand concentrated on European and American markets. By the time of its centenary in 1950, Marvin was present in more than 70 countries, on the 5 continents. This strong global presence was to last until the end of 70s.

With its many assets, such as the diversity of its collections, the reliability and technical sophistication of its movements and the reach of its distribution network, Marvin was warmly welcomed into the MSR group (Manufactures d'Horlogeries Suisses Réunies). The MSR already included the brands Revue Thommen, Vulcain, Phoenix and Büser. Once again, the Manufacture's hallmarks of high standards and rigour were recognized, with Marvin supplying movements for many group brands, and opening up its commercial surface built on over 100 years of history.

Marvin Watch Co. now enters a new era, cultivating and combining its philosophy of quality, elegance and originality with the spirit of the 21st century.