Horological expertise

From the beginning, Marvin has invested in technological innovation. Charles Didisheim, marc‘s son, was also an accomplished inventor and registered 18 patents between 1891 and 1911.

At a time when watchmaking Manufactures abounded and the watch was in perpetual development, technological advances were an opportunity for differentiation and to win new markets. The Manufacture never wavered in its drive for innovation, regularly investing without hesitation in its Technical department.

In an article of the Revue Inter-nationale de l’Horlogerie dated 15 April 1921, Henri Buhler insists on the fact that at Marvin “the core of the production is passed to the ébauche specialist, then finally to the technician. He designs the calibers, compiles general and detailed plans, calculates the price of return and regulates the production process from A-Z”. Henri Buhler was admiring of the rigour with which this process was implemented, from the technical manager to the assembly and adjustment workshops, via the Mechanics department. This extremely well-oiled production chain, the many registered patents, the recurrent certification of its watches by the C.O.S.C – Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres – and the technical capacity for innovation – water resistance, antimagnetism, shock resistance – made Marvin a brand famous for its reliability and the precision of its ébauches.

At the beginning of the 60’s, the Manufacture set itself apart with the development of extra-flat chronometers and movements, notably the extra-flat caliber n°515 – 10½, diameter 23, 40 mm, height 2.70 mm. From 1961, according to a brand press release, 90% of extra-flat chronometers with official reports “for particularly impressive results” were made by Marvin. These technical innovations were also to be found in the “Victory Chronometer”, which was launched with a simple, automatic calendar.

Today the Manufacture is still considered exemplary in the rigour and precision of its mechanical movements. The brand also supplies a number of Swiss watchmaking manufactures such as Vulcain, Revue-Thommen, Zenith or Chronoswiss.