An innovative design

While the movements gave the manufacture its reputation, its sense of style also contributed to its success. Marvin followed closely the evolution of horological design: pocket watches, fob watches, brooch-mounted jewel watches, rings or necklaces.

Variations multiplied in anticipation of the growing importance of bracelet watches: shape, material, decoration, complications… A large number of models contributed to establishing its reputation.

Created in the 30s by René Didisheim, this watch, a clock watch housed in a rubber tyre, is a tribute to the family’s passion for cars. Pierre Didisheim later added a strap to make it a keyring.

After a difficult beginning, this model had a huge success, thanks to a highly innovative advertising campaign which reinforced the idea of the utility of a second watch. Visuals and slogans awakened the gentleman’s dream of car-racing, promoting the major brands of the age, such as Jaguar, Mercedes, and Fiat, and famous pilots, like Fangio, Ascari, Stirling Moss…

Also created in the 30s for motorists, this rounded watch is worn on the inside of the wrist so that the time can be read while driving.

Mentalities had changed, and left-handedness was better accepted. From the beginning of the 50s, Marvin offered left-handers a watch with the winder on the left side of the case.

Its name evokes the heroes of aviation: Icarus; Wagner’s ghost ship; the name of KLM‘s planes. Created in 1955 with two new calibers, the 580 and the 580P for the chronometer version, it accompanied the partnership signed between Marvin and KLM and was the official watch of the Dutch airline‘s pilots.