Handling Instructions

The movement of every Marvin timepiece is submitted to numerous certification and quality control tests at internal and supply level. The purpose of these tests is to verify the reliability and robust nature of the various components and the finished product, in order to achieve the highest level of quality. Each watch signed ‘Marvin Watch C°’ contains a high quality movement which guarantees the client a timepiece that functions reliably and gives the correct time, regardless of whether it has not been worn for a short or long period of time. As with any precision mechanism, a movement requires care and regular maintenance following its purchase. A Marvin timepiece should be looked after carefully and as such, and consequently, Marvin recommends the following:


Over time, the water-resistant seal of the watch may deteriorate. For the quartz collections, we recommend it be checked each time there is a change of battery. It is necessary to check that the crown is in the ‘closed’ position, especially before a watch comes into contact with water. When the crown has been pulled, water-resistance is not guaranteed.


The Marvin watch collections comprise two distinct kinds of leather bracelets: The first, referred to as ‘Jack leather,’ originates from a first choice of plain calfskins. ‘Jack leather‘ boasts an aniline finish also known as ‘transparent,’ which reveals the natural features of the leather, and requires delicate handling. This treatment has the further advantage of reducing the risks of allergy, as the percentage of chrome present in the leather is lower than the minimum authorized by the Economic Commission for the United Nations of Europe (EEC/ UN). The result is a polished, smooth finish, particularly recognizable to the touch. The second strap is also made from calf leather and is generally used for pastel tints, which are more difficult to achieve.

Light colours are the result of a treatment based on water varnishes and natural components without the use of solvents, which gives the leather resistance to ultra-violate rays.

Mechanical movements

In order to maintain the precision of a mechanical movement, a full service is recommended every four years. Clients should contact an official Marvin retailer or the head office of the company in Switzerland to ensure quality service.


Batteries used for quartz movements generally have a lifespan of approximately two years. A used battery should not be left inside the watch. To avoid a battery losing its charge, avoid contact with fingers or any metal instrument.

Product disposal

In compliance with EU directive 2002/96/EC regarding waste of electrical and electronic equipment, old products may be returned to the point of sale. The symbol indicating separate collection for electrical and electronic equipment consists of a crossed-out wheeled bin, as shown:


Cases and metal wristbands may be regularly cleaned with light soapy water, rinsed in clear water and dried with a damp cloth – especially after the watch has been in contact with salt water. As leather wristbands are interchangeable, it is recommended that they be removed before the case is cleaned to avoid any contact with water, which may affect their suppleness and colour.