Swiss made

"Swiss made" embodies a concept of quality forged over time. It includes both the technical quality of watches (accuracy, reliability, durability) and their aesthetic aspects (elegance and design originality). It covers traditional manufacturing and new technologies (micro-electronics) as well. The Swiss are not alone in manufacturing high-quality timepieces and consequently face strong competition. However, due to their unique infrastructure, know-how, and innovative spirit, they have always led the industry.

The intrinsic value of the "Swiss made" label is therefore the result of considerable watchmaker efforts. And they are ultimately responsible for maintaining its reputation. Prestigious brand names have thrived while always prioritizing the "Swiss made" abel. It is the ultimate guarantee of quality for consumers worldwide.

Conditions for use of the swiss made

Only when it is Swiss, may a watch carry the indications "Swiss made" or"Swiss", or any other expression containing the word "Swiss" or its translation, on the outside.

According to Section 1a "Ordonnance Swiss Made" (Swiss Made law), a watch is considered to be Swiss if its movement is Swiss; its movement is cased up in Switzerland; the manufacturer carries out the final inspection in Switzerland.

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